Recipe for a Magic Cleaner

Wow, what an effective cleanser! I doubt I would have believed in its cleaning power if I hadn’t given it a go. In an effort to avoid using the harsh chemicals found in commercial shower cleansers, I gave this a go. Everything went smoothly. Even my glass shower doors were spotless once I finished.

Sink and tub also gleam. I used this on my grill towards the end of last year’s season, and it effortlessly cut through the buildup of oil! Even though I still had to scrub the stainless steel grill bars, the task became much less tedious. When I needed to clean my all-clad Dutch oven, I would use Bon Ami. This one seems to function faster, so I go with it instead.

After a little period of soaking in the pan, I return and use a hand wand brush to remove any cooked-on residue. It’s fantastic! So that it would all fit in one squeeze bottle, I doubled the recipe:

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