Apple Cider Vinegar Tip to Strengthen and Grow Nails

Struggling with brittle nails can be frustrating, often caused by factors like frequent hand washing, weather conditions, or chemical products. For women who value the elegance of long nails, finding an effective solution to strengthen them is essential. Here’s a natural method to fortify fragile nails and maintain their health. Ingredients: A cotton pad A … Read more

Classic Southern Cornbread {Granny’s Recipes}

Classic Southern Cornbread, the iconic bread of the South that has graced tables for generations. A simple and straightforward recipe cooked in an iron skillet, using three must ingredients, bacon drippings, buttermilk, and yellow cornmeal. About cornbread, I don’t want to expound on this too much for fear of stepping on some people’s toes. The … Read more

Cajun Shrimp Fried Rice

Cajun Shrimp Fried Rice is a one-pot wonder full of flavorful shrimp and rice with a Cajun seasoning that the entire family will enjoy! This Easy Cajun Shrimp Fried Rice is a spicy, wholesome, easy weeknight meal. It’s a one-pan, 30-minute meal with the flavours of New Orleans! And it’s gluten-free! This Cajun shrimp with … Read more

Egg Custard Pie Recipe

Custard pie is an old-fashioned, southern dessert that people have been making for nearly 200 years. With a buttery crust and an egg and milk-based custard filling – and a little bit of nutmeg sprinkled on top – this pie is smooth, silky, and ridiculously rich. This popular dessert recipe is always a big hit … Read more


I printed this recipe ages ago, but never had the need for the dip until recently. BOY am I glad I made it! I have now taken it to two parties and have been asked for the recipe by so many people. They are surprised at how easy it is. The leek soup mix is … Read more


Discover the transformative power of white vinegar for your floors – it’s the secret to a brilliant shine and a revitalized appearance you’ll hardly recognize. THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR A SPARKLING FLOOR Your floor is a key element of your home’s aesthetics, and maintaining its cleanliness and luster is vital for a welcoming atmosphere. While … Read more

Why Do Oven Doors Shatter and How to Prevent It?

Experiencing a shattered oven door can be alarming and potentially harmful. Not to mention, the cost of fixing or replacing it can be quite high. This concern was recently echoed by a member of the ‘Homemaking Tips’ Facebook group, who sought advice after such an incident. We’ll explore some common causes behind oven door breakage … Read more