Never throw away the avocado pit – here’s why it’s highly valued in gardening

In the world of gardening, every element of nature has potential value and the avocado pit is no exception. Often discarded without a second thought, this seed hides within it a treasure trove of gardening benefits. From the ability to grow your own avocado tree to becoming an integral part of your compost, the avocado pit is a gem waiting to be used. Here’s why you should think twice before throwing it away.

A gateway to growing your own avocado trees
The most charming use of the avocado pit is, without a doubt, the cultivation of a new avocado tree. This process not only provides a rewarding gardening project but also teaches patience and care. By simply suspending the clean hole over the water with toothpicks, you embark on a journey that, over time, grows into a beautiful tree. Although patience is key, as it can take several years for the tree to bear fruit, the satisfaction of nurturing life from a simple bone is unparalleled.

Increase the nutrient profile of your compost

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