Nail clippers, the secret option that makes your life easier: almost no one notices them.

nail clippers
Nail clippers: other imaginable uses
Nail clippers with a locking system allow you to hold your smartphone, avoiding holding it too tightly in your hand. A second use for nail clippers is to open paint cans by removing the lid. This useful tool allows you to open packages and parcels delivered to your home or office with the blade. Another interesting use of the nail clipper is to clean the lids of flower pots that have a plastic base where dirt tends to accumulate. The nail clipper is also perfect for cutting the plastic wrapping around power cables.

How to sharpen the nail clippers?
With repeated use over time, nail clippers become less and less effective. To sharpen the blade it is good to sharpen it on a whetstone or on a piece of aluminium foil.

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