My plastic windows don’t get wet in winter. I share with you how to get rid of condensation in 3 minutes (my useful tips)

My method is as follows: as soon as I see that the windows are starting to fog up, I do this: in the room I open the window wide for 3 to 5 minutes. If the room is large and has several windows, open all the windows.

And we close the door. If time permits, you can leave it for 7-10 minutes.

During this time, all the moisture has time to escape outside, but the room does not become too cold, even if the frost outside is strong.

Then I close the window and open the door — warm air enters the room, the temperature in the room increases (evens out) and there is no condensation.

It’s basically ventilation. But you need to do it exactly as I described — the plastic window installer explained this method to me.

In the kitchen, when I cook, I always turn on the hood and open the window slightly — this way there will be less humidity.

In general, the problem of window fogging is quite serious. It is because of condensation that mold forms and windows freeze in winter.

All my wishes!

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