My grandmother taught me how to make fermented garlic and I do it all the time! It has saved me on many occasions!

Fermented Garlic: This Is How It Is Fermented In Honey

On this page, if you are interested, you can find out how you can get garlic fermented in honey .

Before we begin, however, it must be said that one of the main reasons we have started fermenting foods is to try to preserve them in the best possible conditions.

For this reason, garlic fermented in honey is really an excellent food, not only for the creation of original recipes with a delicate flavour, but also and above all for the health of our body . Our grandmothers used to consume it a lot.
Known by everyone and widely used in Italian cuisine, garlic can have a new life in this way. Although unlike honey, due to its flavour, it can acquire sweetness and complexity thanks to the work of fermentation.

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