Most people get this wrong and toss out the can. The right way to read ‘Best By’ or ‘Best Before’ dates

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Many shoppers become confused by “Best by” labeling. Many food items, particularly canned foods, will have these dates printed on them. “Best by” dates aren’t necessarily the end of the shelf life, either. Rather, they show when the maker thinks the product will be at its best.
You can find out how long you may safely consume canned goods like maize, green beans, and tuna after their “best by” dates in this article.

‘Best By’ Dates: A Comprehensive Guide
“The “best by” date is just a guideline for when the product is likely to be at its most tasty and fresh, not a guarantee of food safety. So, if you preserve your canned goods correctly, you can eat them even after the “best by” date has gone.
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