Learn how to repair a broken or stuck zipper in minutes (jackets, pants and bags)

On a cold day, trying to close the zipper on our jacket or jacket, and it just happens to us that it doesn’t work or gets stuck, is something that makes us very upset. Not being able to zip your pants is something that can become very uncomfortable.

In reality this is more common than one thinks. It happens to anyone and is even a problem within the industry itself. Many sellers, merchants, distributors and manufacturers have this condition and control the quality of the closures. Therefore, it is good to have a clear and quick solution for when this happens to us.

We agree then that a closure that does not go up or that does not perform its function correctly is the worst. Therefore, we show you how to solve it:

1. Closure that has come off the rail

To solve this problem you must hold this rail with a clamp, at the same time open the side with a flat head screwdriver. Once you manage to arrange the two parts, join and gently press all the elements. Later, you can move the closure from top to bottom.

2. Broken handle

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