How to fertilize and propagate geranium: the tricks to make it grow lush

We dilute all the ingredients together and then use the mixture obtained directly on the soil to fertilize. Our geraniums will immediately become more lush!
And to spread it?

Geranium cutting
Glass to recycle
rope wire
universal floor
Old jam jar
Here’s the trick to free propagation of your geraniums! We start by taking a cut and with the help of well-disinfected scissors we are going to remove the leaves from the cut, leaving only the last ones at the top.
Now we prepare a bowl that crumbles the activated carbon and submerges the live part of the cut. This will help as a rooting hormone for the plant. Now let’s prepare the jar. Let’s take an old jam jar and fill it half with water. Then we took a paper cup to recycle and drilled a hole in the bottom.

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