How to adjust a sewing machine explained step by step!

Follow the instructions in the manual to correctly thread your machine. This includes threading the needle, passing the thread through the guides, and winding the thread onto the bobbin properly. Make sure the thread is taut and well positioned.

Step 4: Adjust the Thread Tension
Thread tension is crucial to obtain uniform seams. Check your manual for the location of the tension control and adjust it according to the recommendations for the type of fabric you are using.

Step 5: Control Stitch Length and Width
On most sewing machines, you can adjust the stitch length and width to your needs. Be sure to set these parameters before you start sewing.

Step 6: Test on a Test Fabric
It is always good practice to do a test on a piece of test fabric before sewing your actual project. This allows you to verify that all settings are correct and that the machine is working correctly.

Step 7: Align the Fabric
Make sure the fabric is aligned correctly before sewing. This ensures that the seams are straight and even.

Step 8: Regular Maintenance

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