How and when to prune rosemary to obtain large “bushy” plants?

Rosemary is a perennial aromatic and medicinal plant with evergreen foliage. In addition to adding flavor to dishes, this seasoning plant has digestive, diuretic, antiseptic and antirheumatic properties. It is also used to stop hair loss and activate hair growth. To obtain healthy and vigorous plants and benefit from the virtues of rosemary all year round, it is important to prune it periodically.

When can you prune rosemary?
Pruning rosemary is best done in spring or early summer, between March and June. During this period, the sun and climate stimulate the formation of new healthy foliage, to obtain large, bushy plants. Make sure that the last pruning you do to your rosemary is 4 or 6 weeks after the first frost. This will give the new growth enough time to harden and grow strong before the temperature drops. In addition, rosemary needs regularity to develop well. To do this, be sure to prune it every year, during the same period.

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How to prune rosemary?

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