Garlic, Goodbye Sprouts! My Grandma Taught Me How to Put It Away Without It Happening!

To store garlic, it is best to use a breathable container such as a wicker basket, mesh or canvas bag. This allows the garlic to ventilate well and prevents moisture buildup, reducing the risk of shoots forming. Do not store garlic in airtight plastic bags, as this can encourage condensation.

4. Avoid Refrigerating Garlic
Although some people tend to store garlic in the refrigerator, my grandmother always told me not to do that. The cold and humidity of the refrigerator can actually encourage the growth of garlic sprouts. It’s best to follow my grandmother’s advice and store the garlic at room temperature.

5. Use garlic within three months
Garlic has a limited shelf life. To prevent shoots from forming, it is best to use it within three months of purchase. The longer garlic sits in storage, the more likely it is to develop sprouts.

6. Check the condition of the garlic regularly
It is important to regularly check the garlic you have in stock. If you notice shoots starting to form, it is best to remove them immediately. Garlic shoots can be slightly bitter and give a less pleasant texture to your dishes.

7. Freeze chopped garlic

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