Dirty and Stained Car Seats? Revitalize Them Easily with This Ingredient

Mix 50 grams of Marseilles soap shavings with 3 cups of previously diluted crystals and lukewarm water to a paste-like consistency.

Generously apply the mixture with a wooden spatula to the stain.

Leave it for 20 minutes.

Rinse the seat with a sponge using clear, lukewarm water.

Dry with a towel.

Use a hairdryer on the lowest setting, depending on the weather.

The stains will be nothing but a bad memory!

Tips for Other Types of Stubborn Stains on Fabrics…

When it comes to the fabrics in your car, similar methods can be used for other upholstery that also accumulates stains.

For leather seats, exercise caution as this delicate material does not react well to water, which can cause rings. However, a few drops of linseed oil can treat lime stains effectively, nourishing the leather and removing the mineral salt. For more serious issues, consult the seller of your leather seats for professional cleaning advice. In the worst case, you might need to leave your leather seats for reconditioning or new leather fitting in a workshop – a challenging and expensive task.

Using White Vinegar and Salt to Remove All Brown and Tar Stains from the Bodywork

No one is safe from tar stains on the bodywork, especially during summer – think freshly repaired potholes or construction sites. Also, pine resin stains when parking under a tree in hot weather, and bird droppings all year round can be a nuisance.

Cleaning Windshields and Bodywork from Bird Droppings

You may have noticed that the faster you try to clean these, the less effective it is! You end up with sticky or smelly fingers, and the stain only worsens, spreading in all colors.

Without warning, try this natural solution: white vinegar and salt. This combination is effective against brown and tar stains on your car’s bodywork. Simply apply the mixture to the affected areas and gently scrub. The natural properties of these ingredients will dissolve the stains without harming your car’s paintwork.

Revitalize your car seats and bodywork with these natural, easy-to-use solutions, and witness the transformation from stained to spotless!”

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