Step 1:

Bake the cake mix for 35 minutes at a temperature. of 325 degrees Fahrenheit, following the instructions on the packaging. It will be easier to keep the cake from doming if the temperature is reduced, and let the cake fully cool.

Step 2:

Once the cake has cooled, using a stand mixer, beat the butter, Crisco, sugar, vanilla, and evaporated milk on high for 15 minutes. The combination will be airy and ethereal in appearance. Spread it all over the cake after it’s cooled.

Step 3:

Take the lid off the can of frosting and set it aside Go out of the trash and throw away the foil. Put the can of frosting into the microwave and heat it for a minute and a half. Mix the frosting, then return it to the microwave for an extra fifteen seconds, or until it can be poured.

Step 4:

Add the frosting on top of the cream and smooth it out evenly. You have the option of letting the frosting harden at room temperature for about two to three hours, or placing it in the fridge for forty-five minutes.

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