Cockroaches, put this aromatic plant in your house: they hate it | They will disappear immediately

These insects can easily settle in our homes, and it has nothing to do with the level of cleanliness and how often we clean it. Luckily there is a foolproof method to make them disappear without resorting to insecticides. This is what it is. A plant against cockroaches It is not easy to immediately realize that your house is infested with cockroaches:

they are insects that settle in the smallest and darkest places, we will hardly see them walking before our eyes. It may happen that you find one under some furniture, behind some kitchen utensils, in the attic. After all, they are part of the category of pest species, so we must find a way to get rid of them.

Cockroach The most common and well-known method is, rightly, that of insecticide. Insecticide is considered an effective and immediate solution. However, its use involves the release of harmful substances into the air that could especially harm our dogs or cats. Now we reveal to you what is a much safer and more advantageous method:

it is a plant with a strong smell that is not at all difficult to care for (it requires minimal effort) and that can also be used in the kitchen to enrich our dishes. Cockroaches hate the very strong odors typical of cooking plants. We’re talking rosemary! Rosemary What you have to do to use this splendid aromatic plant against cockroaches is to tear off some twigs and chop them up: only then will the plant be able to emit all its aroma, as well as its essential oil.

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