The trick to eliminating all bad odors from the washing machine: you only need one kitchen product

You might think that by running wash cycles, your washing machine must smell clean. Think again! Sometimes it happens that the latter emits strong unpleasant odors. Some even compare them to a sewer smell. Find out how to eliminate those stubborn odors emanating from your washing machine. Whether you use a jasmine, mint, lemon or … Read more

Say Goodbye To Fruit Flies And Gnats For Good – The Paper Towel Trick Changes Everything

Fruit flies and their close cousins mosquitoes are two types of flies that seem to appear mainly during the warmer months. Fruit flies, which are attracted to fruits and vegetables, and mosquitoes, which are attracted to houseplants and damp soil, are not only a nuisance in the home, but also significantly shorten lifespans. food and … Read more

7 Machine Washing Mistakes Everyone Makes

Laundry? We do it almost every day, without even thinking! To make your life easier and save money, there are certain things not to do. Follow our advice to wash your laundry better. 1 – TOO MUCH BLEACH Bleach makes clothes less durable. You should first follow this grandmother’s advice: boil the clothes in a … Read more

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