Bed Bugs: Here’s How to Tell Them Apart from Fleas (And Eliminate Them)

Bedbugs and fleas are two types of pests that can invade our homes, causing inconvenience and health problems. Although they may look similar at first glance, knowing how to differentiate them is essential to choosing the right treatment.

In this article we will tell you how to distinguish bedbugs from fleas and how to get rid of them effectively. Bed Bugs Appearance: Adult bed bugs are approximately 4 to 5 mm long, have a flat, oval body, red-brown to dark brown in color.

They are flat and look like small discs. Behavior: Bedbugs are mainly active at night. They hide in cracks, mattress seams, baseboards, furniture and carpets during the day. At night, they come out to feed on human blood. Bites:

Bed bug bites often appear as small rashes or red bites, usually grouped together on the arms, legs, and neck. They cause itching and allergic reactions in some people. Detection: To detect bed bugs, look for physical signs such as bed bug droppings (small black or brown spots), eggs (small white specks), and nymphs (young, light-colored bed bugs). You can also use bed bug traps.

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