Bathroom stays clean thanks to a simple trick: no more dirt, stains and bacteria

Decluttering: Start by removing all cosmetics, towels, and miscellaneous items.
Disposing of Rubbish: Clear out any trash and empty containers.
Laundry: Wash all fabric items, adding a touch of fabric softener for that fresh scent.
Dusting: Use a duster to clean corners and sweep the floor, focusing on hidden areas.
Descaling: Clean the bathtub, showerhead, faucets, and joints using natural descalers like white vinegar or baking soda to remove limescale deposits.
Toilet Cleaning:

Toilet Cleaning: Pay special attention to the toilet seat and bowl.

Surface Polishing: Tackle soap scum and grease on surfaces for a shine.

Floor Cleaning: Don’t forget the tile joints and the floor.

Deodorizing Drains: Keep pipes clean and odor-free.

Scenting: Finish by scenting your bathroom for a lasting fresh atmosphere.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles with White Vinegar

To address limestone deposits on tiles, which create an unsightly white veil, white vinegar is your best ally. Its acetic acid content effectively dissolves limescale, leaving your tiles sparkling. Simply spray or apply white vinegar on the tiles and dry with a clean cloth without rinsing, neutralizing any odors and leaving a brilliant shine.

Removing Mould from Grout with Baking Soda

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