Cut the pie filling into small pieces using a knife and fork.Divide the cookies, roll them into two layers and place them on a clean surface.Roll a 4-inch circle with a pin or flatten with your fingers.
Heat air fryer at 350 degres for 6 min.
Stuff spatula to every dough, pull sides jointly & pinch to seal. Roll to balls.Place the apple pie bombs in the deep fryer basket about 2 inches apart and cook in batches depending on how much you can fit in the basket.
Cooking about 8 min .
When first batch is baking, melt butter.
In sized bowl, blend sugar // cinnamon.
Dip cooked apple pie bombs to melt butter on all sides, letting excess drip off.
Pour to cinnamon sugar blending and placing on a wire rack.
Repeat with rest of ingredients.Serve totally or at room temperature.

Enjoy !

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