A simple trick to warm your house better in winter: 1 cheap thing is enough

Insulating your home generally requires significant financial sacrifices. But it remains important if you want to maintain a sufficiently warm interior in winter. That’s why energy-saving renovations are supported by the state. However, it is entirely possible to heat your home if you are on a budget. With this trick, the proof is as simple as it is effective.
Various measures can be taken to counteract heat loss, particularly when using a heater. You can add insulating seals to your windows, add thick carpets to your interior, or even install thermal curtains. However, these measures alone are not enough to fully insulate and heat your home. Therefore, many people do not hesitate to use other methods to heat their homes better. Our more economical tip is to simply insulate your radiator to avoid heat loss.

Why insulate the radiator?

Use the radiator for heating

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